5 new COVID-19 Nelson Co. cases reported Thursday by district health department

Friday, July 24th, 2020 | Posted by admin


Friday, July 24, 2020, 11 a.m. — Nelson County had five new COVID-19 cases reported Thursday by the Lincoln Trail District Health Department.

  • According to local sources, the five cases involve:
  • a 34-year-old Bloomfield man
  • a 32-year-old Bardstown man
  • a 51-year-old New Haven woman
  • a 5-year-old Bardstown boy
  • a 4-year-old Boston girl.

On Wednesday, the health department reported four new COVID-19 cases in Nelson County. The four cases involve:

  • a 54-year-old Bardstown man
  • a 52-year-old New Haven man
  • a 21-year-old Cox’s Creek man
  • a 21-year-old Bardstown woman.

Nelson County’s COVID-19 case total as of Thursday is 162 confirmed cases. Five Nelson County residents remain hospitalized for the virus. A total of 43 people are isolating at home, and 112 people have recovered.

MARION COUNTY. Marion County had two new COVID-19 cases reported Thursday by the Lincoln Trail District Health Department, bringing the county’s total to 80. One Marion County resident was still hospitalized on Thursday. Sixty-four people have recovered, and 15 people are isolating at home.

WASHINGTON COUNTY. Washington County reported two new COVID-19 cases Thursday, bringing its number of cases to 42. Three county residents are hospitalized due to the virus, and 10 are isolating at home. Twenty-nine people have recovered to date.

MEADE COUNTY. There were 8 new cases reported Thursday in Meade County, bringing that county’s total to 64 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Twenty-four people are isolated at home, and 38 have recovered. No Meade County residents are hospitalized due to the virus.

HARDIN COUNTY. Hardin County reported 17 new cases Thursday, bringing the county’s number of positive COVID-19 cases to 421. Three county residents are hospitalized, while 126 people are isolated at home. A total of 285 people have recovered.

LARUE COUNTY. LaRue County was the only county that reported no new COVID-19 cases Thursday. The county’s case total remains 50 cases. Two county residents are hospitalized, and 19 people remain on home isolation.