Monday, November 30

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9Health Discovery Kit

Discover if you’ve had COVID-19 with antibody testing!
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Stack the odds in your favor with the new 9Health Discovery Kit  available at Quest Patient Service Centers across Colorado

  • Discover if you have antibodies for COVID-19
  • Learn your personal risk factors
  • Get the upper hand on your health

Feeling overwhelmed by all the COVID-19 information you’re hearing? With so much information out there, it is increasingly hard to know what is accurate, who you can trust, and what you can do to help.

9Health has been working to keep Colorado healthy for more than 40 years. We’ve partnered with Quest Diagnostics to provide fast, low-cost COVID-19 antibody tests along with the preventive screenings you know and love.

Despite the cancellation of the spring 9Health Fairs, we are finding new ways to help you take your health in your own hands.


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