Monday, November 30

Benin: New order towards the reopening of places of worship

A new order have been made towards the reopening of places of worship in Benin. A delegation of religious denominations composed of representatives of the Evangelical Community, the Catholic Church, the Church of Celestial Christianity, the Islamic Union of Benin and the Methodist Church of Benin exchanged with the interministerial management committee of the Covid-19 pandemic, right in the conference room of the Ministry of Health, held a meeting prior the banner placed on the worship venues.

At the end of the session, which was attended by the ministers of health, mines, the interior and the head of the inter-ministerial committee, it was decided to reopen the places of worship on the 2 of the month June 2020.

And according to the report of the CAEEB vice-president, Reverend Nazaire Hounkpadodé, the government had plans to lift restrictive measures which included the reopening of places of worship which had not been made public.

The logic was to predict and manage the availability of the treatment package found which proved effective in the event of massive contamination with the coronavirus.

In conlusion

The bill is yet to made public and signed into acceptance in others its pending, but the official announcement of the government with various conditions will be made known to the public at due cause, religious denominations can already be jubilant.

Keep praying for your nation, feel free to communicate us if you have more informations prior this article. Thanks.

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