Friday, November 27

Benin Republic: Protect yourself during Covid-19

The government of Benin Republic is notifying its citizens to protect themselves during this Covid-19 as they plan to lift the health cordon for Monday, May 11, 2020, which in no way undermines the individual and collective rigor that we must have during this CORONAVIRUS period (Covid-19).

Whether at home, in the car, on a motorbike, in the neighborhood, at the market, at the office or in any other place where you are, you must respect the official measures (regular hand washing with soap and water, systematic wearing of masks everywhere, compliance with the minimum distance of 1 meter, etc.)

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Protect yourselves at your workplace against covid-19:     

  • Have a hand washing or disinfecting device for all users,     
  • Keep your mask on during your professional activity,     
  • Clean your work tools regularly and do not lend them to others,     
  • Respect the distance of 1 meter or prioritize video conferences for your work sessions (meetings, conferences, etc.),     
  • Avoid using other people’s objects and always keep your pen with you.

You can download all the awareness visuals and infographics for free at the link: Gov. Documents or visitThe official website (free access): is also available for all information.

Coronavirus is a serious respiratory disease that can affect any human being, regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion and continent.

CORONAVIRUS is everyone’s business. Protecting yourself also means protecting others. Stay Safe by following the outlined instructions.

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