Monday, November 30

Benin: The Government Finally Approves The Reopening

Few weeks ago we were told of the meeting held by the places of worship leaders who had in-meeting patterning the reopening of the of worship centers. But in this post we shall be getting a conclusive report is the government duly approves the reopening of places of worship and bars from June 2.

After schools opened on May 11, the government has decided to cut back on measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The Council of Ministers on May 27, 2020 authorized the reopening of places of worship and bars under certain conditions. As of May 26, Benin has 210 confirmed cases including 73 people on treatment, 134 recovered and 3 deaths.

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Since March 22, the government had ordered the closure of churches, mosques and other gathering zones. This ban had been extended twice. But from June 2, places of worship are authorized to reopen to receive the faithful. Rules must however be observed.

The rules to obey involves

  • wearing a mask.
  • washing hands and respecting the minimum safety distance of one meter between people.

It is recommended that those responsible should observe a reasonable time and should likewise disinfect the premises. Shaking of hands are prohibited or the practice of accolades during the celebrations.

Bars / club house are also authorized to reopen. It was stated that the persons in charge of these places will have to make sure they set up devices for washing or sanitizing the hands, to make the customers observe the sanitary safety distance of at least one meter between users.

Take Note: Public transport vehicles are also authorized to resume their activities. It is up to the driver to make passengers respect the wearing of a mask as well as the consequent spacing.

The following hygiene and prevention rules still remain in place for the entire population:

  • compulsory wearing of masks everywhere;
  • systematic hand washing with soap and water;
  • observing the safety distance of at least one (1) meter between people;
  • ban on gatherings of more than fifty (50) people;
  • prohibition on motorcycle taxis (locally known as : kekeno) to transport more than one person at a time;
  • limitation of the maximum number of passengers on board taxis to three (03) for vehicles with five seats and to five (5) for those with nine seats;
  • authorization for burial ceremonies of no more than fifty (50) people, who must respect the distance of one (1) meter minimum between them.

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