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Benin: What happened at the Ste Bernadette parish in Ouèdèmè

This is what happened in Benin at the Ste Bernadette parish in Ouèdèmè. As we all know that churches are yet to resume back to normal but there have a bridge of law by this parish, read closely to find out more.

In full mass on Saturday, May 16, 2020 at the parish of Sainte Bernadette of Ouèdèmè, which is found in the commune of Glazoué, we were meant to understand the police got to know of what was going and they had to drive down to the parish to confirm what has been passed across as an information.

The police tried to evacuate the faithful (the members of the church who came to fellowship) from the premises. Here’s what really happened.

According to reports, it was a funeral mass for which the family of the deceased took care to apply for an authorization to the public prosecutor at the Abomey court. The prosecutor authorized that the mass be said in compliance with the barrier measures due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It was after this authorization that the parish priest organized the mass.

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In their mission to uphold the law, elements of the police landed on the scene. It turned out that it was a former district chief who reported the mass to the Commissioner of Glazoué.

After all set all and done, the priest ordered the men in uniform (police) to leave the church and simply wait outside so that he could continue the mass. After the incident, the Commissioner of Glazoué reportedly apologized to the parish priest following this incident.

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