Tuesday, December 1

Breaking News: A man has erroneously impregnated his ex

It so funny how the evil of the land keeps emerging strong day after day. In an article earlier today it was stated that a man has erroneously impregnated his ex a little while after his lady of the hour’s family deferred their wedding uncertainly.

As indicated by the report assembled the wedding was scheduled to hold during the lockdown, however the lady of the hour’s family demanded that they delayed the wedding as they needed a detailed one.

As the lockdown proceeded, the ex of the about to be wedded man desired a visit and she was stuck at his place as there was no interstate movement due to the lockdown. She in the long run got pregnant and their is no room for any abortion.

Could this be true that he erroneously impregnated his ex

For further investigations he was approached and asked some few questions concerning what had happened he said:

Our wedding was scheduled for Week-2 of CoronaVirus lockdownm but because of the new standing rules, my family proposed a tranquil solemnization (10 individuals) and huge gathering later, however my wife to be’s family selected an inconclusive delay.

Judging from his perspective could he be right for his actions or he needed to judged for acting wrongly knowing fully well that he was about getting married soon.

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