Tuesday, December 1

BREAKING NEWS: Scandal In ORTB Benin National TV

There has been a scandal in Benin Natioanl Tv station ORTB that was brought to the notice of the Beninese President Patrice Talon who has requested examinations concerning claims of inappropriate behavior made by two female writers.

Angéla Kpeidja, who works for the national TV slot ORTB, and Pricile Kpogbeme made cases of lewd behavior and maltreatment in isolated Facebook posts.

Ms Kpeidja’s denounced the “quietness in disappointment” among ladies columnists. Ms Kpogbeme also stamped World Press Freedom that featured the maltreatment she had during her vocation.

She said ladies were viewed as “sex objects” in the media business and that she was jobless on the grounds that she declined the lewd gestures of those in power.

President Talon said he had met the ORTB heads and Ms Kpeidja and ordered investigations into the allegations.

“I am already convinced that the action taken by Ms Angela Kpeidja will be the trigger for a new dawn to ensure that victims of sexual abuse are better protected in our country, Benin Republic” he said in a Facebook post

In Conclusion

The ORTB management said it “has not received any complaints of moral or sexual harassment or rape of female staff”.

The two women have received support from their peers on social media.

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