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Center for BrainHealth

Together, we can unlock brain potential.

You can enhance your brain performance, fortify your brain for increased health, further your recovery or inspire an organization. Learn how.

Sips & Science: Compassion in Action

How can we become more compassionate? How do our brains accomplish compassion? What effects does compassion have on others and on ourselves? Join us for a special joint presentation by Daniel Krawczyk

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Stress Resilience for the Front Line

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on our community, Center for BrainHealth will offer science-backed strategies and tools to help the brave men and women on the front line mitigate stress, recharg

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Think differently about your brain.

You are in charge of your brain. Understanding what drives brain performance and health can benefit your daily life and work.

BrainHealth During a Time of Uncertainty

Chief Director Sandra Chapman, PhD, reminds us about the brain’s capacity for resilience. She will be reaching out and sharing tips and resources every week.

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News: How you can supercharge your brain from the comfort of your home

The Center for BrainHealth is studying whether training can lead to long-lasting changes to the brain.

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Charisma™ Virtual Social Training

Charisma™ is a virtual social training platform that teaches social strategies to enhance the way individuals think, work and thrive socially. It provides the flexibility our trained experts require t

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High Performance Brain Training – Warrior SMART

Training for veterans and active duty military: Get a tactical toolkit for your brain. Ensure that your mind is “exercising” to enhance your cognitive performance.

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News: Changing the Perceptions of the Corporate World

The Institute—And Perhaps Don Draper—Can Teach Us Something About A Healthy Work Life.

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Without brain health, you do not have health.

Support the cause. Learn how to get more involved.

Learn to take charge of your brain.

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Research: Traumatic Brain Injury

Original research appears in Brain and Behavior: “Strategic brain training positively affects neural connectivity for individuals with traumatic brain injury.”

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Programs: BrainHealth Physical

Get to know your brain: benchmark its performance, track it over time and get personalized feedback.

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Your brain is dynamic. Adaptable. Flexible. Trainable. And repairable.

Just as we have come to realize that we can better our bodies through positive lifestyle habits, so too can we improve our own brain’s performance.

News: Stress eats holes in your brain

“The frontal lobe has been identified as “the most critical to everyday functionality” – Dr. Sandi Bond Chapman

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Take the Brain Performance Challenge

Learn about apps that can help you keep track of your own brain health and performance.

Programs: Student BrainHealth Physical

Discover whether your student is reaching his or her full potential. Get personalized recommendations that work with your student’s unique brain, not against it.

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Programs: Discovery Group

Having a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming. Together, we can reframe the diagnosis and prepare for the journey ahead.

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Research: Neurostimulation

In the last 15 years, researchers have investigated the benefits of a non-invasive neurostimulation that uses direct electric current to stimulate the brain in a wide range of conditions.

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Be a part of the search for better brain performance for all.

Participate in one of our painless, non-invasive, potentially life-changing studies.


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