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Coronavirus: Death of a Nigerian driver via Zoom In Nigeria

The condemning to death of a Nigerian driver by means of Zoom is “inalienably brutal and obtuse”, Human Rights Watch says.

Court sentences

Lagos judge Mojisola Dada condemned Olalekan Hameed to death by hanging for the homicide of his manager’s mom. The conference kept going just about three hours and was basically gone to by legal advisors, including the lawyer general.

The 100-year-elderly person waiting for capital punishment looking for pardon

They all partook in Monday’s meeting from various areas as a major aspect of endeavors to stop the spread of Covid-19. It was the primary day of the facilitating of lockdown limitations in Lagos, permitting individuals to return to work – albeit everything except earnest court sittings have been suspended.

The adjudicator was in the Lagos High Court in Ikeja, Hameed was at Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison and the legal counselors joined from somewhere else. Hameed had argued not liable to slaughtering 76-year-old Jolasun Okunsanya in December 2018.

“The sentence of this court upon you, Olalekan Hameed, is that you be hanged by the neck until you be articulated dead and may the Lord show benevolence upon your spirit. This is the virtual judgment of the court,” Justice Dada is cited as saying. But it isn’t clear if Hameed will offer against the sentence.

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‘Bygone discipline’

The BBC’s Celestina Olulode says under Nigerian law, state governors must support capital punishments before they can be done. Capital punishment isn’t generally completed in Nigeria – despite the fact that courts keep on forcing the sentence.

As indicated by Amnesty International, there are still in excess of 2,000 individuals waiting for capital punishment and the last three executions occurred in 2016.

Human Rights Watch told the BBC the making of the virtual court during the coronavirus episode demonstrated a guarantee to getting to equity.

Nonetheless, the legal executive was moving off course by condemning an individual to death by hanging, it said. “The irreversible discipline is age-old, characteristically coldblooded and barbaric, it ought to be abrogated,” Human Rights Watch said.

Nigeria has recorded just shy of 3,000 coronavirus cases and about 100 passings. Keep praying for the nation Nigeria.

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