Monday, November 30

Coronavirus: The Restriction Will Be Lifted on May 11

Prior the ongoing pandemic (corona virus) the restriction will be lifted on May 11, 2020 but other vital instruction remains effective. The Council of Ministers has indeed decided to gradually return to normal way of life while imposing certain measures are still respected, in other to stay safe. The restriction within 15 municipalities will be partially lifted.

The measure will allow a gradual resumption of economic activities and the mobility of people. To maintain the watch, the government announces mass screenings, starting with the some community groups. It is also stated that places of worship remains closed. Despite the partial lift of the ban, certain measures will remain in unchanged. These include the closure of churches, mosques and all other places of worship.

The ban on public transit buses and minibuses are to be respected.

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The following measures against coronavirus remains:

  • The ban on buses and minibuses for mass transit of people;  
  • Land and air border measures.    
  • Wearing of face masks everywhere;    
  • Systematic washing of hands with soap and water or disinfection of hands with a hydro-alcoholic solution;    
  • Safety distance of at least one (1) meter apart;    
  • The closure of bars, night clubs, churches, mosques and other places of worship, beaches and other places of celebration;   
  • No motorcyclist is meant to transport more than one person at a time;     
  • Every employer, is to enforce the systematic wearing of masks, and to install the hand washing device inclusive the respect of the distance of a meter between people;     
  • The limitation of the number of passengers on board: taxis to a maximum of three (03) for 5-seater vehicles and a maximum of 5 for 7-seater vehicles;     
  • The prescription for users of commercial spaces (shops, stores, supermarkets, ordinary markets and others) to observe the distance of at least one meter apart, and the wearing of a face mask;     
  • The authorization of non-festive and assemblies of more than fifty (50) people, and they must adhere to the distancing of at least one meter between themselves and the wearing of masks;     
  • Authorization for goods transport vehicles.

It will also interest you to know that the Republic of Benin records a total of 140 confirmed cases with 85 people on treatment, 53 people cured and 02 deaths.

The government would likewise love to reassure its citizens that the substantial increase in the number of cases is justified by the mass screening that has started in certain target zone, and in particular teachers (with a view to resuming classes) and health workers.

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