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Covid-19: Partially Reopening of Schools In Benin Republic

It was been announced that Benin Republic will be reopening partially it’s schools. What a relief for all that life will gradually resume its normal course in Benin from May 11, 2020. On the front line, pupils, students and their teachers.

The Council of Ministers on this day May 6 approved the terms of resumption of classes (valid for the public and private sector) as well as the lifting of the sanitary cordon. This decision was prior the announcement made during the special program on Benin’s response measures in the fight against Covid-19.

Patterns To Follow Prior The Partial Reopening

On the 30th of March all was placed on hold due to the pandemic, but at this time school activities will resume on May 11. But this recovery is accompanied by special arrangements depending on the level of education.

The primary level, which are concerned with the pupils of the Middle Course year (Basic 6) who will take the CEP (Benin First School Leaving Certificate) exam at the end of the school year, pupils of middle and high schools and students.

During this time, the other school children (from the Basic 1 to Basic 5) will stay back at home. They will return to school from August 10 to September 4. Their assessments will take place from September 7 to 11. While the high schools and colleges are reopening all their classes.

The opposite is true for kindergartens and daycare centers. They will no longer be open before the new school year scheduled which is to start on the 28th of September.   Conditions for reopening schools in order to continue the fight against Covid-19, the following measures should always be observed: the obligation to wear masks for all users (learners, teachers, various support staff).

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Other Vital Information

In addition to do this, free masks will be distributed in public schools, colleges and universities; systematic and progressive screening of teachers, administrative and service staff; Online courses at the university because a different strategy has been adopted at the higher educational level. Classes will certainly resume but they will be given online because the amphitheatres will remain closed. A platform with free access for students has been set up for teachers to publish their lessons.

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