ECOWAS Rejects Madagascar’s Untested Infection Remedy

The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS rejects the untested infection remedy and has separated itself from reports of a gift from Madagascar with respect to a coronavirus natural remedy, COVID-Organics.

The Meeting based on the untested infection remedy

They wish to separate ECOWAS and its wellbeing foundation, West Africa Health Organization, WAHO, from this guarantee and educate the overall population that we have not requested the said CVO medication,” the announcement read to a limited extent. The questionable Malagasy infection cure is as of now in West Africa after Guinea-Bissau took conveyance of a donation. The Malagasy president Andry Rajoelina told national supporter that a gift had been made to 15-part of ECOWAS alliance.

At the giving over function to Guinea-Bissau authorities, the bundling of the medications had banners of every single African nation in the coalition. Bissau had consented to convey to neighboring nations, Rajoelina included.

But the present articulation is an immediate reaction to Rajoelina’s cases. It also included that WAHO stayed in contact with WHO, Africa CDC and other worldwide partners in looking for a logical quest for COVID-19 remedy. The WHO has cautioned against untested fixes whiles the Africa CDC said it was in chats with Antananarivo.

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It isn’t known up ’til now if Guinea-Bissau has begun arrangement and whether other African nations will acknowledge the bundles. The last ECOWAS heads of state meeting didn’t talk about anything around the issue.

In Conclusion

The strong title text ECOWAS denies embracing any natural medication for covid-19. West Africa Health Organization had requested medication created by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research, Madagascar, for COVID-19 treatment.

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