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Health –


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Consider the Consequences of Vaping

It’s Flu Season

Syphilis in Canada

Services and information

Food and nutrition

Food recalls and safety standards. Canada’s food guide and tips for healthy eating. Allergies and intolerances.

Diseases and conditions

Symptoms, risks, treatment and prevention of common diseases and illnesses.

Vaccines and immunization

Vaccines for babies, children, adults. Vaccination and pregnancy. Travel vaccination.

Drug and health products

Licences, inspections, buying and using products safely, side effects, recalls and complaints.

Product safety

Recalls and alerts. Standards and regulations for consumers. Health risks for pest control and chemical products.

Health risks and safety

Recalls and alerts. Safety at home and at work. How to be prepared for an emergency. Updates on disease outbreaks.

Healthy living

Problematic drug and alcohol use. How to quit smoking. Pregnancy and fertility. Infant care.

Indigenous health

Home and community care, and how to access health benefits. Nutrition and food safety. Mental health and addiction

Health system and services

How to apply for a health card. How our healthcare system works and is funded. Careers and training in health care.

Science, research and data

Health science, research, data, monitoring and surveillance, and the determinants of health.



End stigma

Cannabis in Canada

Cannabis became legal for adults in Canada on October 17, 2018. Get the facts.

Prevent mosquito bites while travelling

Protect yourself from diseases spread by infected mosquitoes found in tropical climates

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