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Dear Spartan Nation,           

York County School of Technology is dedicated to supporting our community, students, and alumni to the best of our ability, and we  denounce racism of any kind, and the unfair or unjust treatment of any individual. We are dedicated to providing high quality, dynamic academic and technical education for students, emphasizing professional skills while fostering the development of compassionate, lifelong learners who appreciate unique differences of other individuals and cultures. In order to accomplish our mission, we encourage the York Tech community to embrace our six core values in their daily lives: Professionalism, Empathy, Innovation, Optimism, Integrity, and Perseverance.

          We are saddened and heartbroken over the current unrest in regards to the needless loss of a life that has swept the nation.

  In light of recent events, we emphasize and encourage the equal treatment of all individuals no matter race, age, gender, or economic status.  The York Tech faculty, staff, and administration pride ourselves on equal opportunity and treatment of all individuals. Spartan Nation is made up of kind, understanding, supportive, and honest people and for that we are internally grateful.

Understandably, members of our very own Spartan Nation are hurting deeply at this time. York Tech works hard every day to create a culture where hate and discrimination does not exist. When our staff, families, and students enter our building we want them to feel a sense of pride, safety, and acceptance.  Please know, we are here for you during this difficult time.

We encourage you to carry our Spartan Values with you every day and treat everyone you encounter as a friend. Spartan Nation, we want you to know that we are here for you and we support you. We are committed to doing our part and continuing to support our families and students equally.


York County School of Technology




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