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We are a diverse team of teachers, technologists, neuroscientists and parents. What unites us is our shared purpose and desire to help teachers and learners succeed.

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CENTURY is helping teachers make effective interventions and saving them time on marking and data analysis. Find out how it does all this and improves student performance.

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  • Sir Mark Grundy

    The difference with CENTURY is that it’s much more individually directed, it’s much more bespoke. We are seeing many more hours of usage and put it towards the progress eight increase.

    Sir Mark Grundy, Headteacher

    Shireland Collegiate Academy

  • Sharon Bruton

    CENTURY is an integral part of our Trust’s digital drive for education. Students have an individual pathway, staff have live analysis and control of workload, making their feedback more accurate and responsive. We see a desire to succeed from all.

    Sharon Bruton, Chief Executive Officer

    The Keys Federation

  • Vic Goddard

    CENTURY is our school’s secret weapon. It helps teachers identify and address gaps in learning, helping all students progress.

    Vic Goddard, Principal

    Passmores Academy

  • Peter Rowlands

    I have never seen a product like CENTURY on the market before. It gives students an ability to study independently and challenge themselves, and all the while the platform tunes into their strengths and weaknesses, making study time a lot more productive.

    Peter Rowlands, Head of Secondary

    Raffles International School

  • Francesca Fishwick

    Implementing CENTURY in our schools is a no-brainer.

    Francesca Fishwick, Headteacher

    Wilden All Saints CE Primary School

  • Sam Wignell

    Data dashboards mean you can effectively use your time targeting which students need more challenge or support, in specific topic areas.

    Sam Wignell, Head of Science and Technology

    Ansford Academy

  • Ufi – homepage

    We know that VocTech has the potential to make a hugely positive impact in FE, and the early results of the work undertaken by CENTURY are extremely exciting. We are really proud to have funded the project that uses advanced technology to support teachers in FE with the aim of improving outcomes for learners in maths and English.

    Rebecca Garrod-Waters, CEO

    Ufi Charitable Trust


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