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#JusticeForUwa: Homicide of a 22 year old undergraduate

There has been a trauma on going presently in Nigeria following the homicide of a 22-year-old undergraduate, Uwavera Omozuwa in a congregation. Uwavera had been concentrating in a “calm” church close to her home in Benin City when she was slaughtered.

The hashtag #JusticeForUwa is inclining in Nigeria, with her family engaging for help to find her executioners.

The understudy, who had needed to turn into a medical caretaker, kicked the bucket in emergency clinic on Saturday, three days after the assault.

Judith Omozuwa said her sister had likewise been assaulted.

Her family said they got a call from a lady at the Redeemed Christian Church of God on Wednesday evening. Uwavera was taken to medical clinic after a security monitor discovered her, her skirt torn and her shirt shrouded in blood, Judith Omozuwa said.

‘Inability to control sexual orientation based viciousness’

Be that as it may, a police representative in southern Edo State, whose capital is Benin City, revealed to BBC Pidgin that they were regarding the episode as a homicide, not an assault, case.

Uwavera had just barely been admitted to the University of Benin to contemplate microbiology when she was slaughtered. She frequently went to sit and “read” at the congregation close to her home as it hushed up, her sister included.

Unsubstantiated reports in neighborhood media said a gathering of men had entered the congregation, assaulting Uwavera and hitting her with a fire quencher.

On Tuesday, numerous Nigerians were irritated after a cop supposedly gave dead a 16-year-old young lady, Tina Ezekwe, in the business capital, Lagos. -> The official was captured, police said.

On Twitter, numerous Nigerians communicated worry about the administration’s inability to handle sexual orientation based brutality, and addressed whether guardians were raising young men appropriately.

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