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  • Family using a smart speaker while doing schoolwork at the table.

    Family Tech

    Set Up a School-Style Bell With Google Assistant by Adam S. Doud

    Video Calls

    Video Call Apps for Chatting With Friends & Family by Dave Johnson

  • Screen capture of the game Kena: Bridge of Spirits

    Consoles & PCs

    The PS5 Exclusive Games List: What’s Coming? by S.E. Slack


    Use Nearby Share aka AirDrop for Android by Adam S. Doud

    Around the Web

    How to Set Up Flipboard Smart Magazines by Jerri Ledford


    Make Your Hackintosh: Install macOS on PC by Jeremy Laukkonen

  • The Latest News

    Social Media

    How OnlyFans Became the Battleground of an Internet Gender War by Brandon Sams


    Disney Plus Sharing: How Many People Can Watch at Once? by S.E. Slack

    Smart & Connected Life

    Airline Pilots Could Fill in as Drone Operators by Sascha Brodsky

    Software & Apps

    Why You Should Embrace iOS Shortcuts by Staff Author

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  • A family watching movies in a home theater.Affordable Projects For Your Home Theater by Taylor Clemons
  • Monochrome printer with mobile printing from phonePrint More With Monochrome Laser Printers by Sean Ludwig
  • Mesh Networks Make Spotty Wi-Fi Disappear by Jesse Hollington Find the Right Laptop for Kids for School or Play by Emmeline Kaser Samsung Tablets to Get More Done on the Go by Erika Rawes
  • Circle router in living roomProtect Your Kids With a Parental Control Router by Jesse Hollington See the World From Above With Drones by Katie Dundas Go Deeper
  • A mom plugging in her child's laptop to a USB cable.Here’s Everything You Need to Know About USB4 by Tim Fisher
  • A woman working on a Flipboard Storyboard on a MacBook Pro.How to Set Up & Use Flipboard Storyboards by Jerri Ledford
  • A woman in front of a laptop.The Best Ways to Make a Laptop Faster by Dave Johnson
  • Use These Apps to Track Miles You Drive by Dave Johnson Choose the Best Twitch Bitrate to Stream At by Jennifer Allen Write Better With Grammarly for MS Word by Jerri Ledford Go Deeper
  • Jennifer AllenJennifer Allen

    (Changing her iPhone settings)

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scams: What They Are and How to Protect Yourself

    More from Jennifer Allen

  • Tim FisherTim Fisher

    (Looking for something to fix)

    21 Best Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks

    More from Tim Fisher

  • Jerri LedfordJerri Ledford

    (Working on Book #20)

    The 9 Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10 in 2020

    More from Jerri Ledford

  • Dave JohnsonDave Johnson

    (Digital Ninja)

    How to Set Up Alexa Multi Room Music on Your Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Devices

    More from Dave Johnson

  • in TransformerThe Best LGBT Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now by Robert Earl Wells III
  • Les Misérables 2012 promotional imageThe Best Movies on Netflix Right Now (Sept. 2020) by Jeremy Laukkonen
  • How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket Without DirecTV by Sam Costello Try These 10 Best Free Apps for Streaming Movies by Stacy Fisher Missing Sports? Stream a Podcast to Get Your Fix by Scott Orgera
  • Person using their phone in a movie theatre during a movieBest Full-Length Movies to Watch on YouTube by Scott Orgera Set up & Use Kodi for Digital Movies by Evan Killham Go Deeper
  • Someone using Instagram on a smartphone.Stay Connected With Instagram Notifications by Jerri Ledford
  • An illustration of controlling smart home products from a mobile device.6 Things You Need to Set up a Smart Home by Tyler Hayes
  • A woman using her mobile device and talking to a smart speaker.Use Amazon Alexa for Calls and Messages by Jerri Ledford
  • Yes, You Can Use Google Translate Offline by Elise Moreau The Best Alternatives to the Apple Watch by Sarah Silbert Use & Maintain Your Car Better With These Apps by Jeremy Laukkonen Go Deeper


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