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abbreviation for technical

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Examples of tech


To return to the primary consideration of the financial input for research, a longer-reaching comparison can be made with the ‘hightech‘ industry.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

To the left of the pictures is the phrase hightech, while high touch appears to the right.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

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We returned back to the cubicle and mentioned the light to a bright-greensmocked nurse ortech.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Instead, rational and analytic computational ability may become adaptive in the hightechmodern world.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Most now hold high positions in either universities ortech-related industries, and have continued to use knowledge acquired from the project to this day.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Initial working capital stock in place for newtech.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

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技巧的, 技術的(technical或technology的縮寫), 技術的…

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teknik sözcüğünün kısa yazılışı…

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技巧的, 技术的(technical或technology的缩写), 技术的…

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