Sunday, November 29

Nigeria: Minister tormented as a result of Facebook posts

A Nigeria minister has enlightened the BBC regarding how he was tormented and lashed for two hours as a result of Facebook posts in which he censured a neighborhood official for flopping in his obligation to fabricate streets.

Okochi Chukwu Obeni said a nearby conventional gathering in the Afikpo North region of the south-eastern territory of Ebonyi assembled him to a conference.

“They made me lie on my back and face the sun. After that gave me 50 lashes, attached my hand to the back and made me lie in smudged water for more than two hours,” he told the BBC’s Igbo administration.

“The individuals that recorded the entire episode… they constrained me to retract the posts I made,” the minister said.

“At this moment, I am in the emergency clinic, and I am yet to recover full utilization of my hands.

“A human rights bunch helped me with the underlying medical clinic costs however every other cost has originated from my pocket.”

The video of his whipping caused shock via web-based networking media and 10 individuals were captured on Wednesday for their inclusion in the occurrence.

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