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Orca Health

Orca Health

Trusted by the world’s top orthopedic specialists

Why use Orca?

Bring Clarity and Confidence to the Care Journey

Engage and educate your patients along the continuum-of-care with multi-sensory content to contextualize recovery. World-class patient education improves patient understanding, increases retention, and inspires confidence in care decisions.

Extend Point-of-Care Interactions

Automate Your Care Pathways

Send customized information to guide and engage your patients at the time they are most invested in their care. Boost health literacy, reduce anxiety, and facilitate quality patient interactions and communication along the entire care journey.  

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Attain Actionable Clinical Insights

Automate Outcome Measurements

Collect, track, and analyze patient data with Orca’s automated PROMs and surveys. Our platform helps you measure and assess a patient’s condition, monitor progress, evaluate satisfaction, and validate treatment success. With industry-leading response rates and meaningful data analysis, the value of your care interventions becomes demonstrably clear.

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Improve Quality of Care

Enhance your Online Reputation 

Dramatically improve your online physician and practice reputation with our innovative system. We make managing reputations easy by automating and simplifying. You’ll keep a better pulse on patient satisfaction while boosting visibility on Provider Profiles and key platforms like Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, and Vitals.

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Provide a Branded Patient Experience

Automate Patient Acquisition 

Initiate a quality patient experience from the start. Your provider profile presents the information new patients seek alongside unique content and functionality.  Online scheduling that triggers Pre-Visit Care Pathways sets a tone for your patients of responsiveness, clarity in communication, and excellence in care.  

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Access Value-Based Product Purchasing

With a commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety, Orca Biotech offers premium products for clinical and surgical applications.

Access value-based purchasing and support provided care with software solutions designed to facilitate better outcomes, establish best-practice treatments, and validate success.

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Trusted By Providers Worldwide

“We are a very busy orthopedic practice, but we still strive to make each patient feel special and informed. Orca has helped us individualize each patient’s experience, while still being efficient enough not to slow down the pace of our clinic.”

Dr. David Eichten

Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida

“The metrics in the Orca Platform helped us identify a patient who reported ‘Poor’ understanding. We were able to follow up, resolve her concerns and schedule her for surgery. Before Orca, this patient would have been lost to a second opinion.”

Dr. Sean Haslam

Texas Orthopedic Partners

“In a few weeks of using the Orca Solution, I have seen significant results. I received multiple 5-star reviews and an increased star rating on HealthGrades. This is a game changer for my practice, as most patients these days are looking at online reviews.”

Dr. Nelson Saldua

The Vancouver Clinic


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