someone i knew from my old csgo days hit me up in steam message saying he needs my help to vote for his team in this website gbattleplay.com and stupidly i did i tried registering to the website after i entered my steam username and password and it redirected me to a new site called challenger mode and i registered there also and this time it went through. I went to search the leaderboards on that site and it seems they dont have one, i messaged him back saying i cant find the leaderboards tab and he didnt respond. i didnt think much of it so i just went offline, go to sleep and leave my laptop on because i was downloading something. The next day i checked my profile comments and i see a comment being blocked i unblocked the comment and it was from a friend i knew from my old cs days as well. i dont remember blocking him ever, so i unblocked him and checked the messages and oh my god there were some messages saying that i need help to vote for some team in some website and i also find other blocked profiles i am now currently unblocking everysingle one of em and explaining the situation to em. how do i check if my laptop is compromised? ive installed malwarebytes and found 14 threats and those have been quarantined. I’ve Deauthorized all devices that was logged on to my steam account and i changed the password as well.

i apologize for the long post or if there was any misspelling or bad grammar, english is not my first language i really need help in securing my laptop. if anyone can help me out it would be great.


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