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What We’re Doing

How is Book Ahead Calculated?

FastTrack ER

Book Ahead informs you of the number of patients checked-in and waiting for a physician at a Renown Health ER or FastTrack ER.
We refer to this as our “door-to-doc” time. The number of people in line is updated every 10 minutes.

FastTrack ER

An ER nurse will determine the urgency and complexity of the care you need.
If your condition is less severe and requires no more than one hospital resource (X-Ray, lab tests, etc.) the ER nurse may assign you to a FastTrack ER where you will receive care sooner.

Urgent Care

Book Ahead informs you of the number of patients who are checked-in at Renown Health Urgent Care waiting to be seen by a healthcare provider.
A patient’s wait time may vary.

Urgent Care vs Emergency Care

There may be times when you want to see a healthcare provider right away but don’t have serious or life-threatening condition.


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