Friday, November 27

Synonyms of tech |

The tech was finished, he snapped his tool box shut and left.

Don’t you know any of the fellows at Harvard, or Tech, or Yale, or anywhere?

In that moment every tech in the room must have felt a touch of pride.

Nay, quod the herdman, I wyll not tech you my connynge for nought.

I ain’t a-goin’ to tech ’em till the authorities have looked ’em over.

Embarrassed, the elders of the Geoark immediately called the tech clans.

What else was there to do, if you hadn’t the luck to be a jobman or a tech?

If you were a tech, Government gave you stuff to keep you alive longer.

Wasn’t the wisdom of the five tech doctors sufficient by itself?

Women columnists were rare in tech, and she supposed she was good at it, too.


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