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TEC Staffing Services – See How Far We Can Take You

TEC Staffing Services will get you in front of real employers with active job needs.

TEC Staffing Services has grown to the area’s largest independently owned staffing agency. We currently have 12 locations across Arkansas and serve Northwest and Central Arkansas, along with Eastern Oklahoma.

We close the gap between employers and job seekers.

Job seekers have the advantage of working with a company that:

  • Knows where the jobs are.
  • Has a fast and complete online process for Applicants.

Employers have the advantage of working with skilled individuals:

  • Who understand how important time can be in meeting production goals.
  • And understand your needs in the vetting process.

Google Review – Van Buren Office

Stephen E
Local Guide · 123 reviews · 102 photos

My experience with TEC Staffing has been spectacular! First and foremost, the staff in this facility is a helpful and attentive group of people who are dedicated to matching you with the most sensible position according to your experience. Also, the location and availability of this office is perfect for anyone in the bi-county area. Barling, Van Buren, and the north side of Fort Smith are all in close proximity of the office. Another great aspect of TEC in Van Buren is the fact that I came to them at a time in my life when I was on the verge of losing everything; the roof over my childrens’ heads, my only vehicle, and my family’s security. TEC and their friendly staff were steadfast in their process of helping me rescue my family’s well-being. For this, I am eternally grateful. Last and certainly not least, I must write in regards to my personal experience with their staff. Todd has always been very helpful and friendly. He is a gentleman and a scholar. Emily is one of the most easy to talk to people I have ever met and she is a great help to anyone needing to find employment and understanding to go with it. God bless these lovely people and the great business they run each and every day!

TEC Staffing Services

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