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Internet of Things

Analyzing industry leading IoT companies, products and people in Home Automation, Connected Car, Wearables, Industrial and Enterprise IoT, M2M and beyond.

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Digital Health & MedTech

Analyzing leading MedTech companies, products and people in healthcare technology, Patient Engagement, Medical Devices, Electronic Health Records, Health & Fitness and beyond.

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Recognizing the world’s best information security companies, products and people, including cloud security, threat detection, vulnerability management, fraud prevention and more.

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Focused on leading FinTech companies, products and people in Lending, Wealth Management, Payments, Banking, RegTech, InsurTech and more.

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Mobile & Wireless

Analyzing the world’s best Mobile and Wireless companies, products and people, including telecommunications, smartphone tech, Wi-Fi and WLAN technologies, 5G and more.

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Researching the world’s best Advertising, Sales and Marketing technology companies, products and people, from Marketing Automation to Programmatic Marketing, Content Marketing, Personalization and beyond.

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Artificial Intelligence

Researching he world’s best AI companies, products and people, including Machine Learning, Bots, Robotics, Automation and more.

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Data Tech

Analyzing the world’s best data technologies, solutions and companies in the areas of data analysis, Big Data, data visualization and more.

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Analyzing the world’s most innovative educational technologies, including Student Engagement, STEM Education, Online Learning, Next-Gen Schools and more.

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Auto & Transportation Tech

Analyzing the leaders of automotive and transpiration technologies around the world, from autonomous driving to driver safety and beyond.

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Do you have a breakthrough technology product or service? Consider submitting it for the Tech Breakthrough Awards, celebrating the most outstanding tech products, services and companies

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