Saturday, November 28

USC Children’s Health Study

The Children’s Health Study (CHS) is one of the largest and most detailed studies of the long-term effects of air pollution on the respiratory health of children. More than 12,000 school children living in southern California are involved in this ongoing study. Data on their health, exposure to air pollution, and factors that affected their responses to air pollution were gathered annually from elementary through senior high school. Findings from these studies have led to changes in state and federal guidelines to improve air quality standards and urban planning decisions and better protect and improve everyone’s health.

If you were part of the Children’s Health Study, we would like to reconnect with you to check on your current contact information, to check on your current health, and to invite you to consider being in future health studies. Please help us – Simply click on “Reconnect” and fill out the form. We may contact you in the future. You may also email us at

Thanks for being part of the USC Health Study!

To stay updated on official news releases please visit the USC Environmental Health Centers blog page (


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