Monday, November 30

WHO: Coronavirus May Never Go Away

In this post we shall looking the inner discussion held among the WHO members, read closely.

Coronavirus disease could “never go away” and become a disease with which humanity must learn to live, the World Health Organization (WHO), as the global toll approached Thursday May 14 of the 300,000 dead. “We have a new virus that is entering the human population for the first time and it is therefore very difficult to say when we can overcome it,” said Michael Ryan, director of health emergencies at WHO, at a virtual press conference in Geneva.

“This virus could become endemic in our communities, it could never disappear,” insisted Mr. Ryan. Another worrying fact, a study shows that the coronavirus could well be transmitted not only by coughing or sneezing, but even by speaking. Speech-generated micro-droplets of saliva can remain suspended in the air of an enclosed space for more than ten minutes, according to an experiment published Wednesday in the journal PNAS and which highlights the likely role of micro-droplets in the pandemic. from Covid-19. According to a senior health official fired recently by US President Rick Bright, “there will be a resurgence of cases in the fall” and “2020 will be the darkest winter in modern history,” said Bright.

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The head of the American Central Bank, Jérôme Powell warned that the damage of the pandemic on the first world economy could be “lasting” and that it would be necessary new aid, in addition to the approximately 2 900 billion dollars of support already unlocked. The European Commission on Wednesday wanted a “concerted” and “non-discriminatory” reopening of the internal borders of the European Union (EU) in order to prevent the sinking of the tourism sector which represents 10% of GDP and 12% of jobs in the ‘Union

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